Riggy Express!
Last Night in London



Natural Snow Buildings- Resurrect Dead on Planet Six
Evangelista- Paper Kitten Claw
Islaja- Haaveilija
Indian Jewelry- Seasonal Economy
Camper Van Beethoven- Walk a Thin Line
{{{Sunset}}}- Dear Broken Friend

The Moles- Lonely Hearts Get What They Deserve
Alex Discovery- Komad
The Fall- Wolf Kidult Man
The Verlaines- Jesus What A Jerk
De Kift- De Dag
Wire- French Film Blurred

Birthday Party- The Dim Locator
Angels of Light- Black River Song
Jessica Rylan- Please Come to Meet me There
Portishead- Machine Gun
Kites- Final Worship
Excepter- Any And Every

The Polish Ambassador- Infiltrating the UN
THe Pink Skulls- Cry for Meee
Xinlisupreme- I drew a picture of my eyes
Devo/Neil Young- Hey Hey My My

The Terminals- Last Days of the Sun
Jonathan Richman- Old World
Broadcast- Goodbye Girls


Black Boned Angel- Black Throated Abyss
Akira Ifukube- Godzilla's Rampage
Wolfmangler- Dirge for a Viking Asshole

Kraftwerk- Kometenmelodie 2
Excepter- The Last Dance
Mahjongg- Teardrop
Autechre- rale
Religious Knives- Luck
Evangelista- Lucky Lucky Luck
Vivian Goldman- Launderette

Boredoms- LIVWE!!!

Dead Raven Choir- Sappho to Eranna
A Handful of Dust- Unreal City II
Handful of Dust- Unreal City II
Josephine Foster- Der Konig in Thule

Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey & Chorus- Tere Bina Aag Yeh Chandi
Fat Worm of Error- Cicadas


Setsubun Bean Unit- Guji Ondo
Os Loosers- Logic on its Head
Son Lux- Wither

LCD Soundsystem- New York I love You, But You're Bringing me Down
Mike Bones- Hate me Now
High Places- New Grace
Charles Verey- Blood Rumba
Adult.- Strange Mistakes

Evangelista- The Truth is Dark like Outer Space
Gowns- White Like Heaven
Evangelista- Hello, Voyager! (live 3-28-08)

Tomokawa Kazuki- Pistol
Xela- Humid at Dusk
Spires that in the Sunset Rise- Clouds
Shooting Spires- Alive and Well

Ava Mendoza- Goodnight Irene
Alastair Galbraith/ Alex Neilson/ Richard Youngs- Samain
Tickley Feather- "I've got Magic, Inside my Bones... Somewhere"
Josephine Foster- Wehmut

Tickley Feather- Python
EDH- Apple and Knife

Ricardo Villalobos- Enfants (chant)


4-11-08 MFA LIVE SET

It went down something like this:

Selda- Nasirli Eller
Skeletons- Let it out
Sister Midnight- Iggy Pop
Deerhunter- Fluorescent Grey
Mahjongg- Problems
John Maus- Do Your Best
EDH- Baby
Dizzee Rascal- Dream

Loscil- Brittle
The Fall- I'm into CB
Excepter- Greenhouse/Stretch
Old Time Relijun- Indestructible Life!
Le Loup- Outside this car, the end of the world
Saing Saing Maw- Lah Ley Cham
Boxcutter- Windfall



Ungdomskulen- Modern Drummer
Fugazi- Cashout

Excepter- Greenhouse/Stretch
Mahjongg- Teardrops
John Maus- My Whole World is Coming Apart

Dead Raven Choir- Kigi wa Haru
Kazuki Tomokawa- Kigi wa Haru
Donovan- Hurdy Gurdy Man

Extreme Animals- Trader Troll's Classical Gas Pt 2
Xiu Xiu- I do what I want when I want

Pissed Jeans- Scrapbooking
Mosaika- The Tenth Wave

Clinic- The Witch
Health- Perfect Skin
Liars- Drum and the Uncomfortable Can

Wolf Eyes- Human Animal
Ecstatic Peace- Herrons

Lata Mangeshkar- Ek Bewafa se Par Kiya


Malkmus- Hopscotch Willie
The Fall- Winter / Winter #2
Mountain Goats- Orange Ball of Peace

Holy Fuck- Lovely Allen (Riton Rerub)
John Maus- Do Your Best
Flying Lizards- Glide Spin

Excepter- Sunrise
Circle- Hautain Takaa
Pissed Jeans- The Jogger

Pissed Jeans- People Person
Charlotte Gainsbourg- Jamais
Destroyer- Dark Leaves form a Thread
Beach House- All the Year

Plagal Grind- Recievership
Evangelista- Winds of St Anne
The Raveonettes- You Want the Candy
The Bilders- Son of Cronos

The Beatles- I'm Only Sleeping
Velvet Underground- Run Run Run
The Raveonettes- You Want the Candy
Sonic Youth- Wish Fulfillment

Night Wounds- Ex Best Friend
Health- //M\\
White Williams- Dangers

Mike Bones- Pope John Paul
Scary Mansion- Sorry we took all yr money
Plants and Animals- Keep it Real

Cristian Marclay- Dust Breeding
Lata Mangeshakar- Aa Jane Jaan